Quality Assurance

Elgin Die Mold is proud of the reputation it has developed as a high quality-conscious manufacturer whose self-imposed performance standards exceed the specification requirements of its customers.

Its quality control department monitors the dimensions and characteristics of molded parts, process and tooling to assure their accuracy and compliance to the customer's quality requirements

Quality control's sophisticated testing equipment is the latest in state-of-the-art quality assurance. It includes a coordinate measuring machine, video comparator and computerized statistical process control system offering a comprehensive real time analysis of process capabilities. It also forecasts unfavorable trends through collection of part measurements and the on board SPC capabilities of the closed-loop process controlled injection molding machines

Additional methods of analysis include the use of control plans, process and flow charts, FEMA's, DOE's, and melt flow analysis. All of these quality control inspections are geared to meet the quality standards of the industry as they continue to evolve.

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