High Performance Molding

Elgin Die Mold’s banks of modern fully closed-loop process controlled injection molding machinery and the skilled technicians to operate the presses produce a wide variety of molded parts for many different applications.

The presses have sensors to automatically self-correct any change in manufacturing to produce “shot-to-shot” consistent quality with every piece. Robots are used in the fully automatic production process.

A central computer monitoring production of all closed loop presses generates real time data and automatically separates parts that are not within process control.

Parts such as shown in these photos are varied as housings and covers, electrical connectors and switch components, precision bearings, terminals, bobbins, gears and ratchets, knobs, and threaded parts.

Elgin Die Mold has produced plastic components for a broad range of diversified industries including automotive, appliance, communications, electric, electronic and medical. We are proud of the growing list of new customers we add each year to the already well established roster that includes: aimler-Chrysler, Delphi, Lear, Emerson, Hella, Autoliv, Eaton and Cooper Industries.

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