Design and Engineering Support

Proper design engineering is key to the successful determination of customer requirements and the elimination of potential manufacturing problems.

Elgin Die Mold’s full service in-house capabilities provide all customers with the expertise to design and engineer, research and analyze part function and integrity to assure correct manufacturing methods, moldability, product reliability and cost efficiency.

Elgin Die Mold’s CAD system provides faster and more accurate design capabilities, while its translation capability allows better communication from its facility to electronically transmit or receive drawings. The company’s in-depth knowledge of GD&T allows customers to evaluate the functional needs of their production parts and tolerance at the concept stage using these standards.

The company’s diversified experience and sophisticated equipment offers its customers comprehensive design engineering solutions to the most complex specifications. To achieve the finest part possible, the following considerations are carefully analyzed: material selection, shrinkage, cooling, gating, venting, ejection, and overall mold construction to enhance part function and ease of repair. Once all of these elements have been analyzed, mold design can commence. Complete design, including detailed drawings, are used for the construction and upkeep of all molds.

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